FOR SALE: 2007 Circa OM

This extraordinary Circa OM was built for me by John Slobod in 2009. It was one of two primary gigging guitars I have used regularly for the past 15 years and its voice is now matured and fully alive. It’s glorious. I am careful with all my instruments and I would say this one is in excellent to near-mint condition.

You can find my extensive review, and lots more pictures at the page I built for it under Words/Instrument Reviews/Circa OM in the menu at the top of this page, or simply click here.

John was part of this year’s Guitar Week Luthiers Exhibit at the Swannanoa Gathering and he tells me that his base price is now $12,000. A guitar with these specs built today would cost $15,500.

I have my eye on a few other instruments, so I’m willing to let this one go.

8/7/22 This guitar is now on consignment at Carter Vintage Guitars. Please contact them for further information. 

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